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  1. Dimplex
  2. Elnur
  1. White
Input Rating
  1. 0.9kw
  2. 1.02kw
  3. 1.3kw
  4. 1.56kw
  5. 1.95kw
  6. 2.2kw
  7. 2.6kw
  8. 2.76kw
  9. 3.3kw
Storage Heater Type
  1. Automatic
  2. Fan Assisted
  3. Quantum
Wattage (Power Output)
  1. 0.5kw
  2. 1.25kw
  3. 1kw
Depth (mm)
Height (mm)
Width (mm)

Storage Heaters

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Storage heaters, electric panel heaters, portable heaters, infra-red heaters, electric towel rails and much more. Everything you need to keep you property warm and cosy.

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