Storage Heaters

High density bonded magnetite bricks inside the storage heater are charged to store and release heat. Convection and radiation give out a comfortable balance of heat in the room. Storage Heaters can be used with various off peak electricity tariffs such as economy 7 and economy 10. These tariffs provide cheap off peak rates and are designed to save money on heating bills.

Storage Heaters offer comfortable economical warmth throughout the day by taking advantage of low tariff overnight electricity.

What about Combination Convector Storage Heaters?

Combination Storage Heaters have a convector heater built into the unit in addition to a standard storage heater system. It means the storage heater will be used to provide the bulk of the heat with instant top using the convector heater. The convector means that you will also have an alternative heat source for occasions when it is necessary to provide all the heat. This storage heater is ideal for a living room that has higher occupancy.

What about Fan Assisted Storage Heaters?

Fan Assisted Storage Heaters are sophisticated at using off peak electricity. Instead of automatically releasing the heat by convection the next day, a fan assisted storage heater incorporates a silent fan, which takes air through the heater and discharges it through the vent at the base of the heater at a time that suits you.

The heat is stored inside a highly thermal insulated unit. The insulation on fan assisted storage heaters has more than double the thickness of standard storage heaters. Fan Assisted Storage heaters are the most efficient at storing heat. Fan storage heaters are ideal for home and office use. Fan assisted storage heaters work from off peak electricity tariff supply. The fan is quiet and requires a 24 hour supply.

What are Dimplex Duo-Heat heaters?

This product revolutionised the market when it was launched. By using instant ‘direct’ energy from a low wattage radiant element fixed to the front casing and energy retention cells that store energy from low cost, off peak tariffs, the DuoHeat radiator is able to provide energy efficient heating at any time of the day or evening. Uniquely, a patented ‘smart’ heat manager automatically controls both heat sources to ensure optimum controllability and economy. As a result of this technology, DuoHeat radiators are recognised as having an energy efficiency saving of up to 10% compared with traditional off peak heating systems. This saving is also recognised in SAP2005, the tool for showing compliance with the latest edition of Part L of the Building Regulations.

DuoHeat Radiators can work as stand alone heaters or as part of a system with selected Dimplex panel heaters and all operated via a central programmer and are usually used in ‘living areas’

Benefits of electric Storage Heaters

Storage Heaters used to be seen as an expensive alternative to provide heat compared to other fuels. Not today – with energy costs soaring, storage heaters now provide a competitive source of controllable heat energy when compared to gas and oil alternatives. Electric storage heaters are more flexible than central heating. There is no flue modernisation, expensive pipe work or plumbing necessary. They can be installed anywhere using a simple wall bracket and have no maintenance costs. Rooms can be equipped with modern storage heaters without major installation costs. No risks such as Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The lifetime cost of an electric heat system will be lower than heating using other fuels. Electric heating is energy efficient and more eco friendly than central heating. Storage heaters are ideal for homes that are occupied during the day due to slow heat release throughout the day.

The early electric Storage Heaters were bulky and space consuming; and they emitted heat at a set rate, so the user had no control over the output. The heat stored during the night could be adjusted – but this involved making an estimate of the next day’s heating requirements, and a sudden change of weather could leave the user with too much or too little heat. Improvements in technology and design have enhanced their appeal considerably. Present day electric storage heaters are slimmer – typically 167mm (6.2in) deep. They retain their heat more efficiently and enable greater control of heat output. Thermostatically controlled adjustable dampers and fans allow the units to be run at low levels in unoccupied rooms and then at a higher level when needed, perhaps late in the day. Some units retain a residue of stored heat, which reduces overnight charging and cuts costs further. Others monitor room temperatures at night, assess the next day’s heating needs (a cold night is normally followed by a cold day) and adjust the heat charge accordingly.

How to I select the right size storage heater

If you need a quick idea of how much heat you need for a room, follow the link below to use the Dimplex guide.

Please bear in mind the calculations returned should be taken as a guide only and are not detailed heat loss calculations.

Whilst this guide can be used for multiple rooms, it treats each room individually and assumes adjacent rooms are unheated.

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