Which Type of Storage Header Do I Need

Which type of Storage Heater do i need?

Choosing the right storage heater for your needs can be a challenging task at times, that’s why we have put together this quick guide explaining all the different options that you have : –

Firstly, there are 4 types of storage heater to choose from, each offering different levels of comfort control:

1) Manual control models
2) Automatic models
3) Combination models
4) Smart fan-assisted models ( Dimplex Quantum)

Manual Models

This is the most basic range of storage heaters. These heaters feature input and output control. You use the input control to set how much heat the heater stores. The output control (or boost control) sets the room temperature by controlling how quickly the stored heat escapes. Please note, these heaters do not currently meet building regulations for energy efficiency, and as a result are being discontinued by some manufacturers.

Storage heaters in this range are – Dimplex XL manual heaters, Elnur SH manual heaters, Creda TSR manual heaters, Sunhouse SSH manual heaters.

Automatic Models

This is the most popular range of storage heaters on the market. As per the manual storage heater range these heaters feature input and output control to let you control the heating level . These models also feature a automatic charge regulator, which automatically adjusts the level of input charge to compensate for changing weather conditions without user intervention. Running cost savings of up to 15% can be achieved using automatic models compared to manual static storage heaters

Storage heaters in this range are – Dimplex XLS automatic heaters, Elnur SH automatic heaters, Creda TSR automatic heaters, Sunhouse SSH automatic heaters.

Combination (Combi) Models

These heaters have all the same features of the automatic range of storage heaters but with the addition of a built in convector heater. The storage heating system is still used to provide the bulk of the heat, with instant top up heat being provided by the convector heater only when needed. The combined storage heaters can work as a static storage heater, only as a convector or both options at the same time.

Storage heaters in this range are – Dimplex CXLS combi heaters, Sunhouse SSH automatic heaters.

Smart Fan-Assisted Models (Dimplex Quantum)

The Dimplex Quantum range of electric storage heaters are the world’s most advanced electric space heaters. Like the other storage heaters this range offers low running costs via the off peak tariff, however due to its improved insulation and a few other clever features the quantum is up to 27% cheaper to run and uses up to 22% less energy than a standard storage heater system and also up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system.*

This heater is packed with lots of energy saving features, two of the most impressive features are –

• The easy-to-use electronic interface with clear LCD display puts you in control. There’s a seven-day programmer with three adjustable preset timer profiles, a ‘Holiday’ mode, landlord setting, child lock and more.

• Through its use of a sophisticated self-learning algorithm, the iQ controller is able to take just the right amount of heat to match your lifestyle and the changing climate conditions, intuitively and precisely

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