What IP Rating do i need for my Industrial Plugs and Sockets?

Choosing what IP Rating to select can be a confusing decision, we’ve broken it down into 4 easy steps for you. Lets start at the very beginning – 

1. What are IP Ratings?

An IP (Ingress Protection) number or code is used here in the UK to specify the environmental protection of enclosures around electronic equipment. An IP rating is a measure of an enclosure or cases ability to resist items entering it.

2. How the Coding Works

IP Ratings provide you with a more detailed guide than generic marketing terms often applied when talking about water resistance.

This means you can determine the exact levels of protection against moisture. Instead of an item simply being “waterproof”.

An IP rating is, in summary, a two digit code. The first digit establishes the level of protection against intrusion of solid foreign bodies. The second the resistance against moisture intrusion.

Together, this informs you of the precise the level of protection that will be offered by the specific case or enclosure.

Any product with an IP rating must withstand an assortment of tests. These tests determine the items’ efficiency in a range of circumstances.

Ultimately, an IP rating allows to you be able to make an educated choice regarding the appropriateness of the products’ suitability for your specific application.

3. IP Rating Tables

First Digit – Protection of foreign body intrusion

LevelSymbolProtected AgainstDescription
1Objects greater than 50mmProtects from large parts of the body such as the back of the hand but, will not protect deliberate contact with body parts
2Objects greater than 12.5 mmProtects against fingers and objects of a similar size to the fingers
3Objects greater than 2.5mmTools and thick cables are included in this level
4Objects greater than 1 mmIncludes most wires, screws and large ants / small insects
5Dust protectedSome protection from dust as long as its not exposed to a large quantity
6 Dust tight A vacuum must be applied and will protect against contact of dust

Second Digit – Moisture protection levels

Level Symbol Protected AgainstDescription
0No protectionN/A
1Dripping water –vertically falling when mounted in an upright positionTest time –10 minutesWater equivalent is 1mm of rainfall per minute
2Dripping water when tilted at 15 degreesall four positions are testedTest time –2.5 minutes per tiltWater equivalent is 3mm of rainfall per minute
3Spraying water –up to 60 degrees from the verticalTest time for a spray nozzle –1 minute per square metre (at least 5 minutes)Test time for an oscillating tube –10 minutes
4Water splash –from any directionTest time –10 minutes
5Water jets –from a nozzle of 6.3mmTest time – 1 minute per square metre with 12.5 litres of water per minute including a pressure of 30 kPa from 3 metres
6Powerful water jets –from a nozzle of 12.5mmTest time –1 minute per square meter with 100 litres of water per minute including a pressure of 100 kPa from 3 metres.
7Temporary Submersion of up to 1m depth Test time –30 minutes
8Continuous Submersion for depth of 1m or moreTest time –test time and depth should be specified by the manufacturer 

4. Make your Purchase

Hopefully all that information has helped you decide what is required for your application.. All thats left to do is to make your purchase, We stock a wide selection of IP44 & IP67 trailing plugs and sockets, wall mounted, panel mounted and interlocking plugs and sockets

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