How to choose the right Industrial Plugs & Sockets for the job.

When choosing the correct plugs & sockets, there are 5 things to consider –

  1. Current Rating 

We stock 16A, 32A, 63A & 125A industrial plugs & sockets . 

  1. Number of Poles / Pins

Next choice is the number of Poles / Pins for your fitting. For example if making an Extension lead with 3 Core cable you would require 3 Pin plugs and sockets, 4 Core cable would require 4 Pin fittings and 5 Core Cable would require 5 Pin plugs and sockets.

  1. Voltage Rating

We sell industrial plugs & sockets in three different voltage ratings. 

110V – Single phase fittings, 110 volt plugs and sockets are generally for industrial use. Commonly used on-site for running different applications, from powered tools and machinery to lighting and audio. 110V fittings are most commonly coloured Yellow,

240V – These fitting are most commonly Blue in colour but Black versions are available and are very popular for audio and stage applications.

415V – Three Phase fittings. 415v plugs & sockets are traditionally used for industrial applications where powerful electrical equipment is being used. 415V fittings come as either 4 Pin or 5 Pins variations and are commonly Red in colour

  1. Plug and Socket Type

Wall mounted – Wall mounted industrial sockets and plugs are mainly used for applications where the sockets and plugs are required to fix onto a flat surface, such as walls, panels, etc. As a result they are also known as surface mounted industrial sockets and plugs.

Panel Mounted – Panel mounted plugs and sockets are available in Straight and Angled versions are mainly used for applications where space is at a premium and are required to fix onto a flat surface, such as walls, panels, etc.

Trailing – Trailing plugs and sockets are designed to be fixed to the end of a flexible cable. Generally used for extension leads.

  1. Protection ( IP Rating)

We’ve written a quick easy guide to help you choose what IP Rating you require for your plugs and sockets.

What IP Rating do i need for my Industrial Plugs and Sockets?

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